Shots fired in CHOP, one dead, others injured, “oh, you’re not dead yet, huh? Want to get pistol-whipped?”


Oh, you’re not dead yet, huh? Want to get pistol-whipped?

~ CHOPean

One man was fatally shot and another is in critical condition after gunfire erupted in front of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct inside the city’s occupied zone early on Monday morning. This was in the nation of CHOP, formerly CHAZ, in downtown Seattle. That’s the occupation the mayor said she would end and then did nothing.

“You heard a lot of gunshots near the Cal Anderson Park,” witness Giovanni Medina told KIRO. “A lot of us ran down there, a lot of people were running back. It was almost literally right outside in front of the East Precinct.”

The two victims arrived at Harborview Medical Center within 15 minutes of each other. The first is in critical condition and the second is dead. They are reportedly two young Black men. Reports say a number of others are wounded but police haven’t confirmed that yet.

Hear the shots as this CHOPean is talking:

“Oh, you’re not dead yet, huh? Want to get pistol-whipped?” ” Sorry I ran out of bullets”:



The mayor said a week ago, on the 22nd, that she would have CHOP dismantled. She’s receiving a lot of complaints from people who live and have businesses in the area.

Since then, on Friday, protesters stopped city crews from removing barricades blocking the six-block area. They were lying on the road and one brandished a firearm.

KOMO reported that people laid down in the street to block equipment and at least one weapon was drawn by protesters in the Capital Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), formerly known as the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), when city crews arrived to begin cleaning up that area on June 26.

Obviously, Mayor Jenny should tell the police to go in and take it down but she won’t.

Her representative went into CHOP with the fire chief and both were run out.


Unelected leaders of CHOP have told city officials that they will not relinquish the occupied zone until their list of demands has been met, KOMO reported.

Their demands are as insane as they are, one of them is to defund the police, another is to abolish the court system.

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