Nunes warns Americans of “tremendous danger,” writes to Schiff about his rehab


Maria Bartiromo interviewed Rep. Devin Nunes on Sunday Morning Futures and began by saying that his memo summarizing his intelligence committee’s investigation of FISA abuse was absolutely correct.

Nunes wrote the memo in early 2018 and was widely mocked by Democrats and Democrat media. Schiff came out with a rebuttal memo at the time that was entirely wrong.

When he was asked about it yesterday, Rep. Nunes expressed deep concerns about the FISA court — FISC — since the FISA judges will not take action against the FBI for these “errors.” There is no recourse for anyone who is spied on as a result of FISC action since it operates out of the bounds of the Constitution and civil rights.

“The people like Carter Page have no recourse except for Congress,” he said.

House Republicans found out about this abuse beginning in Spring of 2017. They found out that the dossier played a “central and essential role” in obtaining the Page warrant, as Horowitz stated in his report, and the dossier was “dirt” paid for by Clinton.

Yet, Nunes was demonized by Democrats and in the press. “We don’t have…a free and fair press, Nunes said.

Democrats then lied and” have put American people in danger,” he warned. The FISC “judges are putting the American people in danger.”

A Burgeoning Police State

Remember, the FISC is a secret court that allows the use of counterintelligence capabilities against Americans. It operates outside our Constitution.

Nunes doesn’t know why Inspector General Horowitz, author of the FISA abuse report, can’t figure out what happened prior to July 31st. The FBI hid that information from Congress.

What he does know is the spy ring was spying on the Trump campaign — with mics — before the FISA warrant was operational in spring and early summer of 2016. No one has found out who was running the spy ring and that’s what John Durham is trying to figure out.

The California representative also talked about the lawsuit against CNN. Then he discussed Jim Comey’s recent lies. It’s worth listening to the entire interview.



Rep. Adam Schiff was wrong for three years and Rep. Devin Nunes was right about everything. Rep. Nunes wrote a scathing fact-based letter to Schiff repudiating Schiff’s memo of February 2018 in which he claimed the FBI did not abuse FISA.

He told Schiff that he was “in need of rehabilitation,” in the aftermath of the release of the Horowitz FISA abuse report.

“After publishing false conclusions of such enormity on a topic directly within this committee’s oversight responsibilities, it is clear you are in need of rehabilitation, and I hope this letter will serve as the first step in that vital process,” Nunes wrote before pointing out a series of false statements by Schiff. he listed fact after fact.

Rehab for the Liar

Nunes praised Schiff for acknowledging the FBI committed errors even though they were “dramatically” downplayed, given “the scale of the abuse the IG uncovered.” He told him he took a “baby step” in his rehabilitation.

The Republican from California pointed to Schiff’s condemnation of Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham for saying they were concerned about Mr. Horowitz’ conclusions about the predicate for the Russia-Trump probe.

Nunes said that “when the IG identified gross abuses in [Schiff’s] jurisdiction,” the Democrat “expressed full faith” in the agencies he was supposed to be “vigilantly monitoring” and “rejected any oversight whatsoever of their supposed clean-up efforts.”

The need for a politicized intelligence committee is also not needed as Nunes pointed out.

Nunes wrote that if the agencies with “a documented, severe abuse problem” are to be trusted to police themselves, it’s fair to ask why this committee even exists” aside from “being exploited by [Schiff] as a launching pad to impeach the president for issues” outside of his jurisdiction.

“As part of your rehabilitation,” Nunes added, “it’s crucial that you admit you have a problem—you are hijacking the Intelligence Committee for political purposes while excusing and covering up intelligence agency abuses.”

Nunes Is Willing to Work With Schiff on His Rehab

Nunes said he’d work with Schiff on his rehab.

He concluded by asking for a hearing with Horowitz on the intelligence committee, but knowing he won’t do it, he truth bombed the little leftist.

“I understand taking action on this issue will be difficult for you, as it will be an implicit acknowledgment that you were wrong to deny these abuses and that you were complicit in the violation of an American’s civil liberties. I also understand that such an acknowledgment is made even more difficult by the fact that you’ve already been discredited by your years-long false claim that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to hack the 2016 presidential election.

Nevertheless, I refuse to believe you are beyond redemption. I invite you to work closely with me on your rehabilitation program, and look forward to your scheduling a committee hearing with IG Horowitz at the nearest opportunity.”

Read the Letter, It’s Good

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Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
4 years ago

We got to where our framers ran from.

4 years ago

Since the court will not be held accountable it must be ended. Other than Judge Rosemary Collyer, who spoke up, they are a bunch of cowards, including Roberts. And of course, congress ignored Judge Collyer’s citations of violations.

The reason we do not know who ran the spy ring is that the DOJ and congress did not try. It would be easy to determine, with a few indictments and plea deals, but of course the DOJ (the coup department) will not indict its own.

4 years ago

I commend Representative Nunes for his brilliantly stated, accurate, and honest commentary. But sir you are too kind, Schiff is beyond rehabilitation, there is nothing left to salvage. He doesn’t belong in office he belongs safely tucked away in a mental institution under the watchful eye of his NEW his keepers. Being exposed to his seditious acts and irrational behavior is both alarming and disturbing. If the warped and malevolent actions we have witnessed during this preposterous, outrageously biased, and debasing charade of hearings were a movie it should be rated X, for causing excessive angst, anger, and the possibility of violence. For the sake and safety and in the best interest of America and her citizens Schiff is a pestilence that needs to be removed from society.