Nutty Gov Whitmer spreads an obviously false conspiracy theory about the admin


Democrat Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, who banned malaria drugs as a treatment for Cov-19 when the President suggested it might help coronavirus patients, is now spreading false conspiracy theories to the anti-Trump media.

She is suggesting the President is holding back supplies over their differing opinions, as if he could get away with something like that.

“When the federal government told us that we needed to go it ourselves, we started procuring every item we could get our hands on,” Whitmer said Friday on WWJ 950AM. “What I’ve gotten back is that vendors with whom we had contracts are now being told not to send stuff here to Michigan. It’s really concerning.”

Unsurprisingly, she wouldn’t give up any vendor names or supply any evidence.

We’ve entered into a number of contracts and as we are getting closer to the date when shipments are supposed to come in, they’re getting canceled or they’re getting delayed,” Whitmer said. “We’ve been told they’re going first to the federal government.”

Who told her that? She did not offer the evidence. She didn’t even make note of which supplies were held back.

Crain’s sought clarity from Whitmer’s office midday Friday and the names of vendors under contract that the governor referenced. Whitmer’s spokeswoman had no additional information.

Also, unsurprisingly, FEMA said it is not true.

The FEMA Region 5 officials told congressional members there were no vendor shipments being diverted from Michigan and that “they would reach out (to suppliers) and try to solve the uncertainty,” Mitchell said.

The woman is either insane or a vicious liar or both.

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