NV Rep. Steven Horsford of the Party of Women Told His Wife to Be Silent FOREVER


Sonya Douglass is the ex-wife of Rep. Steven Horsford, running for re-election in Nevada’s 4th district. She was married to him for 22 years, and he had an affair for 10 of those years.

Ms. Douglass said nothing against him during the campaign, but then he demanded she sign an NDA that would require her to say nothing about him forever or pay a 10,000 penalty per post.

Sonya Douglass

An article at the Nevada Globe goes into a bit more about this errant husband, and it’s not pretty. His ex-wife and children want to be left alone, but his running for office makes it difficult.

IN May 2020, Horsford admitted to the affair.

“In the podcast called Mistress for Congress Gabriela Linder, who goes by the name ‘Love Jones,’ claims she had an affair with Horsford on and off for about 10 years.”

She said she was a 21-year-old intern, and he offered financial support and political connections.

Her point was: He obtained this position under false pretenses that he was a family man and man of God. He should take a step back, atone, and if people are satisfied, then he can come back into politics.

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1 year ago

Imagine a world were you can make your wife stay quiet about your affairs? A Democrat heaven on earth!