NY AG Weirdly Comments on the Rittenhouse’s Jury Verdict


The Attorney General of New York, who is running for governor, ‘Tish’ James declared Kyle Rittenhouse guilty despite the jury acquitting him.

James wrote: This is a dark day for our justice system. As a lawyer, I respect jury verdicts. But this is yet another reminder that our system needs to be uprooted and reformed.

Reformed to what? So, you can reward the perps, Tish?

What is going on here is the Left wants riots and turmoil to make it easier to bring socialism/communism to the USA. They want a justice system that is determined by how they feel.

James is also irrational. When she put together the charges against Andrew Cuomo, the document was filled with her own feelings, not facts. We have NO love for Cuomo but the sexual harassment indictment is a joke. He should have been arrested for putting seniors with COV in nursing homes. James chose the easier path that wouldn’t involve other guilty governors. And now she can go for his job.

This is the new social justice justice which isn’t justice at all.

We prefer these normal people:

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