Look at the Disgusting Move On Letter About Mr. Rittenhouse


From: moveon-help@list.moveon.org
Sent: 11/19/2021 1:36:06 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: Disgraceful (Kyle Rittenhouse verdict)


Dear MoveOn member,

Breaking news: A jury has just failed to convict Kyle Rittenhouse of all charges in his murder trial.1 Disgraceful.

On August 25, 2020, Rittenhouse traveled across state lines from Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and gunned down two Black Lives Matter protesters with an AR-15-style rifle.2

Thousands had gathered on the streets of Kenosha to protest the police shooting of an unarmed Black man, Jacob Blake. The shooting was caught on video and left Blake paralyzed from the waist down.3

Rittenhouse killed two people who were there protesting racial injustice and police brutality—and he killed them in cold blood. Just days later, GOP leaders in Wisconsin and nationwide flocked to his defense and began raising money for Rittenhouse and his family—and shortly after he was released from jail, he was caught partying with members of the Proud Boys and gleefully flashing “white power” signs for photos.4 Instead of accountability, he’s gotten stardom—and now he has gotten away with killing two people and injuring a third person. This is excruciating.

We’re counting on you to channel this righteous rage into action. Will you rush a $3 donation to Black Leaders Organizing Communities (BLOC), a Black-led Wisconsin-based organization that’s doing critical racial justice work around housing, policing, health care, and transportation advocacy across the state? 100% of your donation will go directly to BLOC.

Rittenhouse’s trial has made a complete mockery of our justice system. The judge presiding over the case hasn’t even pretended to be impartial over the last couple of weeks.

He lashed out and screamed at the prosecution during the middle of questioning. He’s made racist, anti-Asian comments. He barred the prosecution from referring to the two people killed as “victims,” on the grounds that it’s too loaded of a word but allowed the defense to refer to them as “rioters.”5 He even asked the jury to give a round of applause for a Rittenhouse defense witness.6

It’s no surprise that Rittenhouse is able to walk free, despite having ruthlessly taken the lives of two people.

Can you rush $3 to BLOC, a vital Wisconsin-based organization building power at the local level and fighting for justice for working families and communities of color? 100% of your donation will go straight to BLOC.

In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll continue to fight for racial justice—and that means, among many other things, holding violent white supremacists accountable.

White supremacists will continue to resort to hate, division, and violence, but we have the people on our side.

We know that the best way to counter white supremacy is to empower those people, institutions, and ideas that build solidarity and power among marginalized communities and working families.

Groups like BLOC are doing the critical work of building power every single day—and because of the work they do, communities across Wisconsin are more resilient against the threats of far-right, white supremacist violence. Rush a $3 donation now, and every penny of your donation will go straight to BLOC.

Thanks for all you do.

–Arvin, Bekir, Chrissy, Liia, and the rest of the team


Where do you begin? Every sentence has a lie in it. The police officers were cleared in the shooting of Jacob Blake during the commission of a crime. Blake later admitted his guilt.

Rittenhouse didn’t travel across state lines with the rifle.

The dead men were radicals rioting the night of August 25, 2020.

No one was shot in cold blood. Rittenhouse was the victim, protecting his own life from three attackers.

Rittenhouse didn’t flash a white power sign.

The judge made a harmless joke about getting the Chinese food since there is a supply chain problem. It had nothing to do with any racism.

No white supremacists were involved.

These people are fundraising off lies.


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2 years ago

One riot, one Rittenhouse. And we have millions of Rittenhouses.

V Is For Victory
V Is For Victory
2 years ago

Moron dot org?
I might go there if you pay me.
Naw, I’ll pass, no room for commies in headspace.

2 years ago

Fuck you ignorant libturds…and your field ..
[Editor’s note – we had to remove one word — only word we ban]

Ron Tollett
Ron Tollett
2 years ago

17 year old model citizen drives a much shorter distance than my commute to the city where much of his family and many of his friends live with the admirable if perhaps naive intentions of cleaning up graffiti, preventing arson and rendering medical aid to those who might need it. He’s on video cleaning graffiti and putting out a fire. He was attacked by at least 4 criminals one of whom was fresh out of a mental hospital after having served 15 years in prison for molesting 5 boys aged 9-11. He anally raped at least one of these boys. There is no evidence that Kyle was an aggressor unless you count having the nerve to extinguish a fire. Anyone who doesn’t think it was right for Kyle to respond to his being hit with a skateboard and kicked in the head/neck while on the ground by shooting his attackers needs to study self defense law. This article like so many others is so nakedly biased. Send in money? Don’t be a moron.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Despicable, loathsome, sleazy slime overflowing from an outhouse…with comatose Zombie tendencies…can scarcely describe the vermin that seemingly has overrun the ‘establishment’/institution…