NY AG-Who Admitted She Will Go After Trump- to Depose Him on 1-7


New York’s witch hunter Attorney General Letitia James seeks to depose Donald Trump as part of yet another civil tax fraud investigation into the Trump Organization. He is not named in any criminal suits but she’d love to get him for lying under oath or be able to file a civil suit against him to bankrupt him.


James or ‘Tish’ as her friends call her wanted to be governor and she promised to get Donald Trump prior to the election.

James, a Democrat, vowed to go after Trump if she was elected attorney general, announced a campaign for governor last month, NBC News reports. However, she’s dropping out and running for AG again this time around.

James made her clear-cut bias and animosity toward the president known before her election. In an unprofessional selfie rant last November, she promised to go after him. This is what fascist New York thinks is reasonable behavior by an attorney general.

Trump Is Not Accused of Any Wrongdoing, This Is a Beria-Style Assault

James has requested Trump answer questions under oath on Jan. 7 in her New York office about his company’s business practices, the source said. The request was first reported by The Washington Post.

The deposition would be part of the civil investigation into whether the Trump Organization committed fraud in reporting the value of certain properties to banks and tax authorities.

She Is Hoping to Sue Him or Get Him to Lie

James’ office is looking into whether to file a civil suit against the company.

This case is not criminal, but they do hope to bankrupt him or at least embarrass him before the election.

The attorney general’s office is also assisting a criminal investigation headed by the Manhattan district attorney looking into alleged tax fraud schemes at Trump’s company. The D.A.’s office charged the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, with tax fraud earlier this year. Both have pleaded not guilty.

He used legal tax exemptions but the law wants to prove he overstated the value of the properties. The criminal probe does NOT NAME DONALD TRUMP.

Trump Calls It Corrupt

Trump has not been accused of any wrongdoing in the probes. The former president has been highly critical of James and her investigation, calling it “corrupt” and accusing her of engaging in a politically motived “witch hunt.” Lawyers for her office deposed Trump’s son Eric in the probe late last year.

Trump is facing at least 10 civil lawsuits and sat for a court-ordered deposition in one of them this fall.

They are all politically motivated.

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