NY Bill to Become Child Genital Mutilation Sanctuary State


New York State passed a ban on “conversion therapy” in 2019, which effectively means that should a child or teen present with gender dysphoria and claim to be of the opposite sex, it is illegal to tell them that they may be okay without gender transition.

It is illegal to tell a girl who says she is a boy that she is, in fact, a girl and that no amount of medical intervention will change that. This law was specifically for mental health professionals.

A bill before the state Senate would make New York a “sanctuary state” for children seeking medical gender transition.

That bill is sponsored by state Senator Brad Hoylman, who also sponsored the conversion therapy ban in 2019. When asked about the requirements for medical professionals who are not in mental health but are medical providers, Hoylman’s office was not sure if or how the conversion therapy ban would apply.

There is a case in New York now where the courts, a New York hospital, and the mother are fighting to transition a little 11-year-old girl. The father says the mother had her terrified of growing up a girl. It was largely due to telling her she’d grow breasts and bleed from her vagina. He’s trying to stop the procedure. He wants his child to grow up normally without any unnecessary surgeries and medications. His intention isn’t to stifle her self-expression.

The only way to stop it is to vote Lee Zeldin for governor.

California Did It

In California, Gov. Newsom just signed a bill allowing a medical professional to – essentially – kidnap a child who wants to transition and take the child to California for the procedures without the parents’ permission.

We posted the information on the California bill several times.

California State Senator Scott Weiner, a very far-left gay man, proposed the law. It allows a child from any state to come to California for gender-affirming care. Gender-affirming care includes double mastectomies, removal of penis and testicles, removal of the uterus, puberty blockers, and other mutilation surgeries.

They could go into the foster care system and get a double mastectomy without parental permission.

Any health care provider arranging for this could remain anonymous and would not be prosecuted. That same person could not be extradited. The bill won’t allow courts to intervene on parents’ or guardians’ behalf if taking the child is for gender-affirming care.

This is child abuse


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