Two biggest takeaways from the NH primary are not what the media is touting


There are two really big takeaways from the New Hampshire campaign. The first is that is two of the leading candidates are done. You can put a fork through them. The other is there was a big winner the media is ignoring, and it suggests the shampeachment was a big loser for Democrats.

The media is trying to make it about race. They are zeroing in on the “whiteness” of the first two states. That’s a distraction. It has nothing to do with race.

It’s not about who won, it’s about who now has no reason to go on, and who really won.


Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg each had a good night.

What really matters is Joe Biden took his farewell journey to South Carolina after New Hampshire, and Elizabeth Warren is right behind him.

The President predicted Warren will be the next to drop out. He said she is ready to drop out and go home and have a beer with her husband.

Trump tweeted that Warren, “sometimes referred to as Pocahontas,” was “having a really bad night” in the New Hampshire primary.” He tweeted when half the vote was tallied in New Hampshire.

He continued, “I think she is sending signals that she wants out,” he continued before taking a crack at one of her viral campaign videos. “Calling for unity is her way of getting there, going home, and having a ‘nice cold beer’ with her husband!”

Sen. Michael Bennet and Andrew Yang dropped out on the New Hampshire primary night. Deval Patrick dropped out Wednesday morning. Most people didn’t even know Patrick and Bennet were running or didn’t care.

Warren, the fake Indian, took $3 from a cult follower of hers when it represented half of the young woman’s savings. Warren’s nuts and not particularly nice. At least she has money. Joe Biden is in the red and had to borrow to continue his campaign. He could well be the next to drop out, although the President is likely correct. She will be the first to go.

Before he left for South Carolina, he made another of his major gaffes.

“It is important that Iowa and Nevada have spoken, but look, we need to hear from Nevada and South Carolina and Super Tuesday and beyond,” Biden told a crowd of supporters at a rally in Columbia, S.C.

He meant Iowa and New Hampshire. This type of constant misstep is exactly why he can’t win.


The real winner of New Hampshire and Iowa is President Trump. President Trump got more than double the votes in this week’s New Hampshire primary than Barack Obama got in 2012.

With 87% of precincts reporting, Trump scored 120,476 votes so far. The total votes will undoubtedly climb as more precincts report their results. By comparison, Obama eked out just 49,080 votes in New Hampshire in 2012.

The President retweeted the score this morning.

The outstanding performance suggests that the shampeachment hurt Democrats. It might also suggest that their candidates, all of whom are far-left to varying degrees, are not viable.

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