NY Gov Cuomo admits Hydroxychloroquine/Zith drugs are “promising”


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo cautiously admitted that hydroxychloroquine combined with Azithromycin has shown “promising” results but there is no “scientific proof” at this point. The doctors are conducting observational trials.

The only scientific proof Dr. Fauci will accept are clinical trials with one group getting the placebo, which means those people could be sentenced to death. Doctors don’t want to do that with this deadly illness.

Also, the data set is too small at this point, as Mr. Cuomo explained.

President Trump is increasing the supply of hydroxychloroquine to New York, but he isn’t getting a thank you from Cuomo. The New York Governor said the “federal government” is giving him the drug.

“There has been anecdotal evidence that it is promising. That’s why we’re going ahead. Doctors, of course, have to prescribe it…but anecdotally it’s been positive,” he said.

Cuomo will release the 14-day restriction on how much hydroxychloroquine can be prescribed at one time once they receive more from the federal stockpile.

This is good news. Also, in the good news department, the Dow jumped 1600 points. Will the media have good news for us or will this be portrayed in a negative light or not mentioned at all?


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