Sen Blumenthal almost tells the truth on CNN


Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, famous for lying about his military service, tried to lie about the constitutionality of President Trump picking a Supreme Court nominee. When Wolf Blitzer cornered him, he nearly told the truth.

It’s hard to wring the truth out of this guy and he still wasn’t completely honest:

Saying it may not violate the Constitution is still not honest. He knows full well it’s legitimate but is hoping the CNN viewers won’t know any better.

It’s not even illegitimate by norms and traditions and unwritten laws. The unwritten laws are the ones Democrats write and then change when it won’t work in their favor.

“Twenty-nine times there has been a vacancy in a presidential election year. Presidents have made nominations all 29 times,” Cruz told ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos in an interview on Sunday. “That’s what presidents do. If there’s a vacancy, they make a nomination.”

Blumenthal was singing a different tune in 2016. He’s just dishonest all the time. Can’t trust a thing he says:

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