Trump Prosecutor Won’t Answer the Question: Did He Break the Law


Rep. Matt Gaetz grilled Attorney Mark Pomerantz, who made a career out of trying to get Donald Trump to a Manhattan courtroom over Stormy Daniels’ NDA settlement. Pomerantz wanted DJT charged. Trump disgusted him – his words.

Mark Pomerantz viciously pursued this Stormy case while in the Manhattan office. He was obsessed. When Alvin Bragg decided not to pursue it, Pomerantz left in anger. Carey Dunne also left.

We now know the White House, the DOJ, and these DAs worked hand-in-glove on the Trump prosecutions. They should not be above the law.

Bragg is probably pursuing this case because he was under tremendous pressure. Soros groups gave his campaign a lot of money.

When Rep. Gaetz asked Pomerantz if he had broken the law investigating Trump, he took the Fifth. He also took the Fifth when asked if he had broken laws in the Manhattan office. Gaetz asked if he violated anyone’s rights or ethical rules investigating Trump, and he took the Fifth.


In early 2023, former New York prosecutor Mark Pomerantz said that unlike prosecuting “killers,” prosecuting Mr. Trump made him emotional, as Trump “disgusted” him.

As Mike Davis  of The Article III Project writes, the now-former prosecutor wrote in his book that he “would have paid the District Attorney’s Office for the opportunity to prosecute President Trump.”

The focus of the Manhattan DA’s office isn’t on criminals; it’s on political opponents.

Davis writes, “This is an attempt to undermine a presidential candidate in order to curry favor with Democrat officials while ignoring New Yorkers’ concern with rising crime in New York City.”

Referring to Fani Willis and Mark Pomerantz, Davis said, “These district attorneys are attempting to force Mr. Trump out of the race with bogus legal theories…because they are terrified of a fair election.”

“But while the use of our courts to score political points might not succeed as planned for Democrats, it will succeed in causing permanent damage to our nation. For all the Democrat talk of “protecting democracy,” weaponized prosecution is a blatant attempt to steal control from voters. “

“Every time a prosecutor’s office becomes more focused on targeting political opponents than protecting its citizens, we become more like the countries we used to liberate.”

That’s why he won’t answer questions. He’s a corrupt political hack.

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