NY Gun Bill Ends Due Process, OR’s Bill Confiscates Guns on Allegations


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will use taxpayer dollars to fund the defense of an illegal alien pizza delivery man. He is here illegally and was detained at the airport with an expired green card.

Cuomo is also pushing a bill that will allow teachers and school administrators to petition a judge to confiscate guns in homes of troubled students.

When Democrats tell you they don’t want to confiscate guns, don’t believe them. They not only want to confiscate guns, they are doing it.

The New York Governor sees no need for due process when it comes to gun ownership. He claims, “This is a sensible, positive, helpful alternative,” he said. “Many times the teacher knows this an issue.”

He continued: Under the measure, teachers and school administrators would have legal standing to petition a court to remove any firearms from the homes of students considered a threat to themselves or others. New York would be the first state in the nation with such a law if the bill passes. The leftist unions support it.

The parents in these cases might not be doing a thing wrong. They simply have difficult children.

Oregon, another leftist — Socialist — state is doing much the same thing. They passed a bill that approves free abortions for everyone, including illegal immigrants. Citizens get to pay for it.

They also have their own insane gun bill.

Bill SB 719 allows a judge to issue an ex parte ruling for the confiscation of an individual person’s firearms. It actually passed through Oregon’s House and Senate. It demands that an individual be forced to hand over all firearms. And his/her concealed carry permit if he possesses one.

Essentially, this means that the government can allege that you did something wrong and that would be enough to strip you of your right to bear arms.


Based on a California law enacted in 2014, SB 719A would create a so-called “Extreme Risk Protection Order” (ERPO) that could be obtained by a law enforcement officer, family member, or household member in an ex parte hearing to deprive someone of their Second Amendment rights without due process of the law.

The ex parte aspect of the law means the bill does not require the gun owner to be present for part of the hearing in which the judge decides whether guns should be taken from him.

So this means the government or a family member can decide to allege things make a ruling against you and you aren’t even given the opportunity to defend yourself or protect your rights.

What this means is the government now has the right to make a ruling against you in court even if you are not present to defend yourself. This directly contradicts the Constitution which put the second amendment in place as a God-given right.

Boquist claims this isn’t confiscation, but check out the language of the bill:

Requires the court to order the respondent to surrender deadly weapons and concealed handgun license within 24 hours of service of the initial order, and immediately upon service of continued or renewed order. Provides for law enforcement officer serving the order to request immediate surrender of deadly weapons and concealed handgun license and authorizes law enforcement officer to take possession of surrendered items.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

Needs to be challenged and taken right up to the Supreme Court.