NY Judge Didn’t Want to Hear Donald Trump’s Exonerating Document


During Former President Donald Trump‘s testimony this week in the New York civil case, he tried to read aloud from a document he says exonerates him completely. Judge Engoran would not allow him to do it.

Trump told Truth Social followers that “Judge Arthur Engoran struck down his request to read a financial disclaimer accompanying each of the financial records submitted to the banks by his real estate organization. Disclaimers remind readers that financial experts are encouraged to reach their own conclusions with the data.”

It’s also true that the banks involved did their own assessments. There were no victims. Everybody made a lot of money, and everybody was happy.

He wrote on Truth Social that this is the paper that I wanted to submit that the judge refused to take because he doesn’t want anybody to know about the disclaimer clause at the beginning of each financial statement. This is just part of it. The case is a disgrace to the legal and judicial system of New York. Hopefully, the courts will stop this travesty of justice that everybody is watching and fully understanding exclamation!!!” he wrote.

“I would love to read this, Your Honor, if I could? Am I allowed to do that?” he asked, according to a New York Post report.

“Read my opinion again — or for the first time, perhaps,” Engoron told Trump.

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