Paul Kessler’s Killer Stalked Him Before He Attacked Him


According to The Daily Mail, the man who police have questioned in relation to the death of a Jewish man during a clash with pro-Palestinian protestors is a 50-year-old college professor.

Loay Alnaji, who teaches computer science at Ventura Community College in California, allegedly hit Paul Kessler with a megaphone knocking him to the ground. Witnesses said Mr. Kessler was beaten.

He later died from his injuries.

Police raided Alnaji’s home on a quiet cul-de-sac in Moorpark, California, on Sunday evening.

Alnaji is unabashed in his support for the Palestinian cause, posting online a video of an activist Shahid King Bolsen comparing the terror group Hamas with historic civil rights icons.

According to The New York Post, a witness to the fatal altercation between Paul Kessler and a pro-Palestinian protester said Tuesday that the suspect “stalked” him and Kessler during the demonstration, recording them with his phone and harassing them with a bullhorn.

The friend, Jonathan Oswaks received a call from a friend who said he could see him on the live feed and he was being watched. He looked over and he saw the killer and another extreme agitator.

“One of those men I recognize as the murderer,” Oswaks said. “The other man was an extreme agitator. The other fellow was just a young fellow, I couldn’t tell much about him.”

“Paul insisted on holding the Israeli flag,” Oswaks said. “I asked him at least three times to give it to me. Paul was a lot smaller than I am. He was like David. He was proud to hold that flag against the giant.” The group split up to each of the four corners of the intersection, to distribute their presence more evenly.

Kessler told him “at these kinds of protests, somebody taking a megaphone and putting in your ear for purposes of harassing you is an assault.”

“It wasn’t long before the men that were videoing me and Paul stood behind me … with a megaphone in my ear, exactly the way [Kessler] told me it was going to happen,” Oswaks said, adding that he immediately told the men, “Get that f—ing thing out of my ear. Back up.”

“He crossed the street because, as I said, he stalked us,” Oswaks continued. “He got nowhere with the bigger guy, so he went for the smaller guy. He came over here with the megaphone in his hand to do the same thing.

Oswaks was across the street when it happened. He heard a punch and saw the megaphone fly in the air. He didn’t know the victim was his friend Paul Kessler until he crossed the street.

He said he’s broken over his death.

Kessler suffered non-lethal injuries to his face and a lethal injury to the back of his head consistent with a fall, after Alnaji slammed him with a megaphone, knocking him to the ground with force.

The medical examiner’s office concluded that Kessler’s death was a homicide.

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