NY Mag’s Tries to Lure Stupid, Lacking-All-Reason GOP to Dem Party


Jonathan Chait screenshot
On Monday, Jonathan Chait wrote a piece in New York Magazine titled, “The GOP’s Never-Trumpers Are Really Just Never-Democrats”. So what does that mean, you might ask. The point of the article is that you would have to be raving mad or stupid to not become a Democrat when you hate Trump.

David Brooks of The New York Times hinted at…perish the thought…Democrats compromising with the Republicans to lure some of them to the Democrat Party. Chait was having none of it.

“Perhaps the Republican base as currently constituted is hopelessly immune to reason and a reasonable person such as Brooks should instead refocus his political energies on curtailing its political power.”

He continued with his irresistible argument of no-compromise and hate Trump.

He writes ever-so-temptingly, “The idea of abandoning the Republican Party because it is authoritarian and toxically anti-intellectual was apparently as unfathomable to him as a fish in a polluted river deciding to live on land. If you want to understand why an event as large and potentially cataclysmic as the election of Donald Trump has not (yet) scrambled the long trench-warfare stalemate between red and blue America, this dynamic is a good place to start.”

Who could resist that? He says Republicans are anti-intellectual, polluted and toxic. We’d like to see his evidence that Trump is authoritarian and Obama wasn’t.

As partisan as one can be, he continues: “Imagine being one of those moderate Republicans of some political consequence. Looking around at what 16 months of President Trump has wrought, watching Fox & Friends, refreshing the news sites for the latest national-security debacle, would you decide, each morning, to remain in the Republican Party?… The absence of Republican moderates, among both elected officials and intellectuals associated with the party, willing to openly join or work with the Democratic Party suggests that the power of partisanship remains overwhelming, even among those Republicans who profess the strongest aversion to partisanship.”

He won’t compromise his far-left Progressive views. But he claims Republicans are not moderate.

Chait’s twitter followers also explain why the GOPers don’t join with the now-far-left Democrats. Republicans hate black people, Hispanics, gays, women, and everyone. Who wouldn’t want to join a party like this?

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