NY Man Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Gunsmithing Hobby


Brooklyn man Dexter Taylor was sentenced to ten years in prison for building his own firearms as a hobby without a license. He is a software engineer with a slew of hobbies.

Mr. Taylor was found guilty of 13 counts of criminal possession of a firearm by a biased jury and judge. The judge wouldn’t let him defend himself based on the Second Amendment.

No Second Amendment in New York City

The court disallowed Second Amendment defenses, with the judge stating: “It doesn’t exist here.”

And you thought the 2A was good everywhere. Well, not in New York City.

Ten years sounds very extreme for a man without a criminal record who only possessed guns as a hobby. A gun hobby is what got Ryan Malinowski killed; only Mr. Malinowski was selling them. Mr. Taylor is not accused of selling guns.

Dexter Taylor

Taylor also had rifles, and they had to be registered in Manhattan. The prosecutors said he was circumventing background checks, but he likely would have passed a background check.

A joint ATF/NYPD task force discovered he was legally buying parts from various companies; they opened up an investigation that led to a SWAT raid and arrest. Maybe they wanted to make an example of someone over ‘ghost guns?’ They want to criminalize everything they can when it comes to gun owners, but they don’t seem to be as concerned about gangbangers.

DA Gonzalez

“Ghost guns are a threat to New Yorkers everywhere, and my office is working tirelessly with our partners in law enforcement to stop their proliferation,” District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said. “Today’s sentence should send a message to anyone who, like this defendant, would try to evade critically important background checks and registration requirements to manufacture and stockpile these dangerous weapons. Every ghost gun we take off the street is a win for public safety.”

A search warrant of Taylor’s apartment on Eldert Street found 13 weapons. The police found four AR-15-style assault weapons, five handguns, four rifles, and over 50 rounds of ammunition in addition to gunpowder, shell casings, triggers, and a 3D printer.

His lawyers will appeal and his GiveSendGo account is up to $400,000.

He has a squeaky clean record.

The ATF can’t find more dangerous criminals to pursue. We have a criminal Hezbollah network selling stolen cars nationwide that no one seems interested in investigating.

An interview with Mr. Taylor weeks ago:

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