NY might make children stay home for a long time!


New York is requiring parens to choose between their children and their job. The mandates they put in place make it impossible for people to go back to work. And they are very unnecessary. Governor Andrew Cuomo said children may be home for a long time!

According to the NY Post:

The city Department of Education sent a “Return-to-School Survey” to parents, asking them to rank the safety precautions they would like schools to take. The key question: “If we need to begin school next year mixing both in-person learning at school and learning at home in order to follow health and safety guidelines, please rank the scheduling options presented below from most preferred (1) to least preferred (3).”

The answer’s options included alternating weeks of in-school and online learning, sending kids to school on certain days of the week and full online-only. No full-time in-person ­option was provided.

How are parents supposed to go back to work? This is insane. There is NO REASON children can’t go back to school. How are parents supposed to plan???

There is NO REASON to do this. Andrew Cuomo is saying children could be home for a long time. Is he nuts? Children don’t generally catch it and they don’t spread it. Dr. Rand Paul blasted Dr. Fauci with those statistics, the ones Dr. Fauci never talks about.

Watch, it’s an important clip:

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