NY Rep: Dem bills are ‘scary,’ an ‘almost communist takeover’


On Newsmax’s National Report, Rep. Claudia Tenney said if the infrastructure bills and HR-1 pass, we “will not have a constitutional republic anymore.” We will soon have “no voice.” She said in New York it’s an “almost communist takeover,” and what is going on in New York is what is going on federally.

She said only about 6% of the infrastructure bill is infrastructure. It might be a 50-year Democrat wishlist that will be very difficult to reverse, she said.

Rep. Tenney said we have to fight it as the Democrats take over the entire country without any input.

Someone in Congress added up the components in the $2.25 trillion infrastructure bill and found out it is actually 3.25 trillion. Whoever that person is sent a secret memo around to let his/her colleagues know. This is only part I.

It looks like Democrats will be allowed to go ahead and pass the bill without invoking the filibuster. This bill and HR-1 are being pushed through with only three people involved, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden. That’s a dictatorship.

The Republicans and citizens have no voice.

The Senate Parliamentarian decided Democrats can pass at least two more budget bills without any Republican support. They can ignore the filibuster.

Biden also said, “states will have to compete for the money.” Rep. Tenney said that is a “code for political corruption.” They are letting their supporters know it’s theirs for the taking. It is how it works in New York.

“This is really scary,” she continued, saying it looks like Governor Cuomo took over the Biden budget process. “She has seen it in New York, and it’s the federalization of our country. It destroys the 10th Amendment, according to Rep. Tenney.

In New York, “it is almost a communist takeover in the assembly and in the senate,” Tenney continued. This is typical of what Cuomo does.

She also believes they [the hard-Left] don’t need Governor Andrew Cuomo after the budget is passed and they will start impeachment proceedings at that time. [Progressives want a more radical-Left person than Cuomo].

Rep. Tenney said it is an almost communist takeover in New York and it’s what Biden is doing federally. In other words, the federal government is almost a communist takeover.

We would leave out the word ‘almost.’

Rep. Tenney is the New York rep who the Democrats tried to keep out of office with endless lawsuits. You can see why now.


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