NY Senator Says Illegals Are ENTITLED to Social Security


The floodgates to Marxism were opened by Barack Obama and his hard-left policies. He introduced us to open borders, the groundwork for which was laid by George W. Bush. As the anonymous foreigners pour into the country, our New York Marxist, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is telling illegals they are entitled to Socials Security, an already-nearly bankrupt system.

She has also gone back on her previous belief that they must not have driver’s licenses. Now she wants them to have licenses.

“[W]e need comprehensive immigration reform,” she said at a campaign event Tuesday in Iowa. “If you are in this country now, you must have the right to pay into Social Security, to pay your taxes, to pay into the local school system, and to have a pathway to citizenship. That must happen!”

Democrats discovered that illegals will give them their permanent progressive (Socialist) electoral majority. They merely have to get them in and give them freebies, treating them better than citizens.


Yesterday alone, Border Patrol caught 430 anonymous foreigners in five minutes. If that isn’t an emergency, what is? According to the Democrats and some Republicans, they are welcomed, criminals and all. They are destroying the country.

Democrats want the criminals here.

Democrats are infuriated over the Supreme Court decision allowing Border Patrol to detain criminals who aren’t caught within 24 hours of their release from prison. The reason they are angry is that they want them here. Think about that.



  1. There’s no amount of damage to this country the Democrats won’t condone if it brings them votes; no amount of horror, no amount of terror, no amount of suffering. They’re soulless, mindless, Leftist automatons.

  2. Lady, you are not welcome to spend one dime of my SS money. It is not yours to spend. Capeche? We already experienced the theft of our money. If you cant’ get an American vote that is because you are an unqualified imbecilic female. Now, get lost….

  3. call me chauvinistic, but shes a typical dumb blond, did i say dumb? i should have said STUPID, as dumbness is its own excuse, but there is no excuse for blatant stupidity.

  4. Every day another socialist-democrat opens their mouth and out comes the stupidest anti American statement yet. Illegals already send billions of dollars out of the US earned with no taxes, no SS withheld. The take $120,000,000,000 in welfare out of a broke welfare system ANNUALLY. NO MAS.

  5. What is wrong with this convoluted FOOL??? The idiot cannot seem to comprehend that what she recommends was already in place and that she and her brain dead adherents ARE destroying the legal system AND the country!!!

  6. I fought for my disability for many years… I had TWENTY POUNDS of medical records for the Social Security Administration to review in order for them to FINALLY approve a monthly disability for me! Why do so many disabled Americans have to PROVE they can’t work in order to receive money that they paid into, and yet illegals get money with hardly any questions asked? This system is bass ackwards!

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