NY Socialists: Dump Bloated Police- We Need Material Security


The New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America —  communists — slammed Mayor Eric Adams for the “bloated” police presence within the city’s subway system that did not stop the Tuesday shooting in Brooklyn.

“Since Mayor Adams assumed office, police have maintained a bloated presence in our subways — including at the 36th Street Station where yesterday’s shooting took place: and now, he is cynically doubling down on this policy,” NYC-DSA said in a statement Wednesday.

“That police presence neither prevented nor deterred the attack and failed to prevent the perpetrator from fleeing the scene. The solution to a violent society is a peaceful society, and peace requires material security,” the statement from NYC-DSA’s spokeswoman Sumathy Kumar continued.

[The police weren’t in the immediate vicinity. The former mayor defunded them, leaving NY with fewer of them. And, right after the shootings, Eric Adams signed a document firing 200 more officers.]

“We cannot allow our city to turn tragedy into more violence,” the statement continued.

Keeping these people in prison when they commit crimes would work.


“Increased policing does not protect us — Mayor Adams’ public safety policies failed New Yorkers.”

The DSA led the charge against police, creating the hashtag #DefundNYPD.com, and saying during its campaign that “police do not keep us safe.”

Policing doesn’t protect us? Well, no problem. These confused people have a solution as dumb as their analysis.

The group says that the solution to crime is “to fight collectively for viable, sustainable, and effective solutions to issues of public safety, crumbling infrastructure, our growing housing crisis, and widespread material insecurity.”

Yeah, that’ll work.

“Our solutions must attack the root of the problem, and be holistic ones,” the statement said.

What about when the root of the problem is the person is evil or just plain likes to commit crimes?

People like AOC are mum on the issue. She is for defunding the police but Speaker Pelosi has them shut down pre-elections.


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