NY Times: Afghans pushed their way onto planes, tensions flare in shelters


The New York Times published a report Friday that completely refutes the Biden administration’s claims that its evacuation operation out of Kabul, Afghanistan, last week was efficient.

According to the paper, internal dispatches sent by State Department officials describe a much different scenario than the one Biden and all his subordinates depicted.

In Doha, Qatar, the Times noted that nearly 15,000 Afghan refugees were stuffed into hangers and “wedding-style tents” on Al Udeid Air Base, which is home to the U.S. Air Force’s 379th Air Expeditionary Wing, as well as Camp As Sayliyah, the U.S. Army’s biggest base in the Middle East.

Tensions in the temporary shelters had “flared,” due to prolonged stays and unpredictable exit dates.” At the Army base, “single males, including former Afghan military” had become unruly “and contraband weapons have been confiscated.” Overwhelmed, neither base was testing Afghan evacuees for the coronavirus, the report states.

We now also know that old creepy Afghan men are coming in with their child brides.

It continues: The reports were daily distillations of the complexity, chaos, and humanity behind the largest air evacuation in U.S. history, as scores of diplomats, troops, health workers, security officials, and others scattered across the globe sought to rescue tens of thousands of refugees. Whatever plans the Biden administration had for an orderly evacuation unraveled when Kabul fell in a matter of days, setting off a frenzied, last-minute global mobilization.

“Refugees pushed their way onto airplanes. Hundreds of children were separated from their parents. Rogue flights landed without manifests. Security vetting of refugees was done in hours or days, rather than months or years,” the Times added.

The paper said that emails and other communications from the State Department, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, and Defense Departments all indicate a chaotic, dangerous situation regarding the evacuation that, for the record, did not include getting all American citizens out of the country as well as Afghans who helped U.S. military forces during the 20-year conflict.

Where is that planning for ‘every contingency’ Biden told us about?

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2 years ago

You think tensions flare in the shelters, just wait until they infiltrate peaceful neighborhoods.