Taliban holding up 6 rescue planes for ransom -Update


Update: 9/6/21: 6 am: New reports indicate it is NOT the Taliban, but the State Department preventing the rescue of Americans and SIVs in Afghanistan. However, it could be the State Department is refusing to pay a ransom. Michael McCaul’s report on Fox News on Sunday was possibly incorrect. A new report will be posted at 9 am est.

The Taliban is holding six airplanes with Americans on board hostage at the Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport in Afghanistan. Where is the President of the United States? Our retired military is getting them out or trying to get them out with no help from the government. The State Department did clear them to leave, however. They are US citizens and SIVs.

It has been confirmed by Rep. Michael McCaul. The Taliban want money in exchange for the people.

Chief of Staff Klain is still pretending there are only 100 US citizens in Afghanistan and most want to stay.

McCaul said this morning about the numbers of US citizens in Afghanistan during an interview: “I’ve been given the answer in the classified space but it’s in the hundreds. We have hundreds of American citizens left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan as I speak. And also, very sadly, the interpreters who worked with our special forces, almost all of them were left behind and were not let in the gates at the airport at HKI to get out​,” he said, referring to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. ​

“And that was a promise that the president made. I’ve said all along, this president has blood on his hands. And, this week, this last week, we had 13 servicemen and women come home, flag-draped coffins at Dover ​[Air Force Base],” McCaul said.

“​This problem’s going to get worse, not better, and it’s — we have left them behind. That’s the basic creed of the military,” he added.

Reporter Emily Miller is keeping updates on this thread:

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2 years ago

Where is all the “leverage” that the Liar in Chief claimed he had over the Taliban? No wonder his approval rating is 41%.

Many Americans that voted for this total POS are having buyer’s remorse.