WOKE Milley sees resurgence of terrorism in Afghanistan with US conducting strikes


Milley predicts a Civil War and is counting on the Taliban to consolidate power. It must be the good Taliban [sarcasm]. The Taliban is Al Qaeda is ISIS-K is all of these terrorist groups. These people will unite to destroy us. Why is he still in his job?

The U.S. military pullout from Afghanistan will likely lead to civil war and the resurgence of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, said Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley in an interview.

“My military estimate is​ ​…​ ​that the conditions are likely to develop into a civil war,” Milley ​told Fox News during an interview at Ramstein airbase in Germany. “I don’t know if the Taliban is going to [be] able to consolidate power and establish governance.”

“I think there’s at least a very good probability of a broader civil war and that will then, in turn, lead to conditions that could, in fact, lead to a reconstitution of al-Qaeda or a growth of ISIS or myriad other terrorist groups,” Milley told the network.

If this WOKE general knew that, why did he not speak up before now? Before the disastrous withdrawal?


In late August, Milley, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and President Joe Biden were under harsh criticism for the way they left, being unprepared. They later defended the pullout, saying that the rushed and chaotic evacuation of thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Afghans was built into their contingency planning.

Milley and his colleagues left the weaponry and vehicles, the hostages, and the prisoners. The Taliban is the best-equipped army in the region and has all their crazed terrorist friends back.

Was that in the contingency planning?

When the Taliban captured areas in Afghanistan, the group also opened prisons while Pentagon officials later confirmed that thousands of ISIS-K terrorists may have been released from those facilities, including one at Bagram airbase.

Was that in the contingency plan too?

“You could see a resurgence of terrorism coming out of that general region within 12, 24, 36 months. And we’re going to monitor that,”​ Milley added in the interview, published Saturday.​

As a result, he said, the United States will have to “re-establish some human intelligence networks” and will have to “conduct strike operations if there’s a threat to the United States.”​

Someone behind a computer screen in Florida at a military base will start droning people.

Meanwhile, the opposition to the Taliban in the  Panjshir valley under Ahmad Shah Massoud has had some successes and is under attack by the Taliban. Why aren’t we helping them if we know it might come back? [Actually, the way we left makes it a certainty that terrorism will come back to our soil.]

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