NY Times calls out Biden camp’s false talking points of their Tara Reade report


The NY Times is correcting the Biden camp’s false talking points which claim the NY Times conducted an investigation of Tara Reade’s complaint and found it was unfounded. The Times says they didn’t come to a decision either way.

The Times report did not reach a definitive conclusion on the allegations other than to say there was no “pattern” of misconduct. Rather, it reported that aides Reade purportedly complained to either did not recall the allegations or denied them. Yet a friend reportedly confirmed Reade described “details of the allegation at the time,” and another friend and Reade’s brother said she had described a “traumatic sexual incident involving Mr. Biden,” the article said.

Since then, the 1993 Larry King interview has surfaced.  Her mother called in anonymously about the assault.

Biden’s campaign has dishonest talking points that misquote the times.


On Tuesday, BuzzFeed News reported that despite strong denials the campaign has issued to various media outlets, aides for former Vice President Joe Biden are taking Reade “seriously enough behind the scenes to coordinate messaging among other Democrats to try to cast the matter as one that’s been thoroughly vetted and determined to be unfounded.”

Indeed, two operatives, Amy Klobuchar and Stacey Abrams, who declared you had to believe Christine Blasey Ford, repeated that exact misinformation on air.

Abrams said she believes women have to be heard and the claims investigated, but the NY Times did a “deep investigation” and found it to be untrue. She falsely claimed there was no investigation of Blasey Ford.

Klobuchar, too, cited the Times during an April 17 interview on MSNBC.

“He has said, and I agree with this, you’ve got to get to the bottom of every case and all allegations. I think The New York Times — I haven’t read all the stories. I read that one. Your viewers should read that,” Klobuchar told MSNBC anchor Ari Melber. “It was very thorough. They interviewed people. And I have done a lot of work on this. I actually led the effort to change the rules in the U.S. Senate so that it is easier to bring these cases forward and so that we have taxpayers not paying for bad conduct.

“I think this case has been investigated. I know the vice president as a major leader on domestic abuse, I worked with him on that. And I think that, again, the viewers should read the article. It was very thorough.”


It is surprising the NY Times corrected the talking points. It’s out of character.

The real story here is that the media went wild with condemnation of Justice Kavanaugh two years ago over unproven allegations with no witnesses and no evidence at all. They were allegations that were very questionable even on the surface and Blasey Ford repeatedly failed to give accurate information. She also had the furthest left attorneys in the country.

Tara Reade actually has witnesses.

The media and Democrats basically ignore Ms. Reade.

Stacey Abrams, for one, had said Ford had to be believed and we must stand fro powerless women against powerful men. Now she thinks Reade’s situation is no big deal and parrots false talking points.

If this were a case of a Republican, the media would go wild.

Ms. Reade could have come forward years ago and didn’t. She may or may not be telling the truth, but, what is clear, is the left, which includes the media, has a double standard.

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