Fish tank cleaner lady is under investigation for homicide


Remember the Arizona couple who drank fish tank cleaner thinking it would protect them from coronavirus? The wife survived and said she did it because of comments President Trump made. Well, the wife is being investigated for homicide.

The media deliberately withheld important information about the wife simply to use their basically fabricated version as an attack on the president. Trump never told anyone to drink anything, certainly not fish tank cleaner, but that is the impression the media and the wife tried to give the public.


The Mesa City police Department has now opened an investigation into the death of Gary Lenius whose Wife, Wanda, said she served him the deadly cocktail to ward off the coronavirus.

It was actually Steve Crowder, a comedian, who came up with the facts in the story. First of all, this woman likely would not have done anything Trump said since she is a Democrat who donated to Hillary Clinton. Secondly, her husband is an intelligent engineer, but he didn’t survive.

Thirdly, the woman apparently has a history of violence and wanted to divorce her husband.

She has a long history of abusing her husband and was arrested for it.

The media knew all this when they published the story, using it to demonize the President.

Gary Lenius, 68, is remembered as a very intelligent man not prone to reckless behavior. His wife Wanda is violent with an “explosive” temper.

Wanda would publicly berate her husband and was once arrested for assault after hitting him with a birdhouse.

Wanda often made a cocktail of vitamins for him. Gary had recently started undergoing chelation therapy, a medical procedure that is typically used to treat people who have abnormally high levels of heavy metals in their blood, such as lead, mercury, or arsenic. It is sometimes also used as a homeopathic remedy for heart disease, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease.


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Christian Gains
Christian Gains
2 years ago

When the LIST of EVIDENCE is strong enough to bring about an investigation; it’s VERY LIKELY to turn into a CRIMINAL investigation; which we should watch CAREFULLY…BUT!! NOT HAVE MUCH TO SAY about this situation…until the POLICE deal with it, & give us information…IF they DO see fit to give us info…

White Coat Wolves Among Sheep
White Coat Wolves Among Sheep
2 years ago

I know an intelligent engineer neighbor and he would never fall for something so half baked and stupid.
CPUSA or democrat is automatically a handicapped or stunted brain turned off due to delusion and distraction and the lack of an ability to cope with reality.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

This man was not too smart, to stay with an abusive spouse.

herbert r richmond
2 years ago

A cunning murderer, Media used her both evil.