NY Times’ Paul Krugman says Bernie’s “not a wannabe authoritarian ruler”


As we reported earlier, the media and the Democrats, in general, are pivoting to Bernie and to do that, they have to pretend he isn’t the far-left extremist we all know him to be.

In a series of absolutely absurd tweets, leftist columnist Paul Krugman declared Bernie is “not a left-leaning version of Trump” and he’s not a “wannabe authoritarian ruler.”

It’s true Bernie Sanders is not a left-leaning version of Trump. The man is a communist. Sanders says he’s a Democratic Socialist, but if you’ve watched the AOC Squad [who are campaigning for him] in action, you know they are very extreme and run to the left of the Communist Party USA.

Krugman sees no problem in Bernie spending too much since Trump has already done that. Krugman is the person who made excuse after excuse for Obama running up the debt.

As far as dumping private insurance, Krugman claims the Democrat party won’t allow it since they are so noble and wouldn’t abuse their power as Trump allegedly has. One problem with that is every democrat candidate has promised to dump private insurance, except for Amy Klobuchar who will add a public option.  Public options will eventually destroy private insurance since no private company can compete with the bottomless taxpayer purse.


The ‘Nobel Laureate of being always wrong’ seems to think Bernie is too moderate but he wants him to win because it’s about “FREEDOM.”

Earlier this month, Krugman declared Bernie isn’t a socialist. At the time, Democrats were freaking out over Bernie’s success.

Even Bernie admits to being a card-carrying socialist. That isn’t up for discussion. Krugman is clearly gaslighting us here. He’s a manipulative leftist.


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