Obama Judge Won’t Recuse Herself from Stone Case


On Sunday, Judge Amy Berman Jackson denied Roger Stone’s request that she be disqualified from future proceedings in the case, to include whether the former Trump adviser will be granted a new trial. Stone’s attorneys had filed a motion on Friday that she be removed, arguing that she had displayed her bias in the case.

Her comment during Stone’s sentencing hearing on February 20 that “the jurors who served with integrity under difficult circumstances cared” was used to oppose her. It is clear that the foreperson Tameka Hart was extremely biased and appears to have lied to get on the jury.

“Given the statements made by Judge Berman Jackson during the Sentencing Hearing, recusal … is warranted in order to protect the integrity and impartiality of the judicial system,” Stone’s attorneys wrote.


On February 14, Stone’s attorneys had filed a request for a retrial after discovering the head juror, Tomeka Hart, misled the court. Her social media posts were very biased and in one she concluded that all Trump supporters are racists.

The Obama Judge issued her filing on Sunday, in which she wrote: “There is no rule and no case-law that would justify the recusal of a judge for bias simply because he or she says something about an issue on the docket, on the record, at some point before a reply has been filed, or before a hearing – which may or may not be required in the court’s discretion – has concluded.”

The Stone case, from his arrest with guns drawn, to its conclusion, is a political hit job out of the Mueller probe.

Anti–Trump CNN was invited to film the predawn raid of Stone’s home with armed FBI agents in tactical gear. The then-66-year-old Stone came out of his Fort Lauderdale home barefoot with his hands above his head. It was so unnecessary and it was vile.

Stone answers the door with two assault rifles aimed at his body.


Judge Napolitano, a Trump hater, likes Roger Stone and has defended him on TV since Stone can’t defend himself. His First Amendment rights were taken away by U.S. District Judge Jackson.

Jackson also lied in her rant during sentencing, claiming falsely that Stone was convicted of covering up for the President.

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