MSM Pivots Their Support to ‘Liberal Mr. Sanders’


The media is beginning to shift its narrative in favor of Bernie Sanders. As long as he has a ‘D’ in front of his name, that is all that matters. The media, including the NY Times, calls Bernie Sanders, crazy Bernie, “liberal Mr. Sanders.” He is not a liberal, he’s a communist who calls himself a Democratic Socialist.


Politico began the morning with an article boasting how Bernie will provide free childcare and early education for all. [This will mean the government gets your children from birth].

“Sanders and his campaign say the plan offers up free, full-day child care for every child from infancy, plus pre-K to every child in the country, starting at age 3. Much like his “Medicare for All” pledge, Sanders’ idea features an eyebrow-raising price tag: $1.5 trillion spent during the next decade,” the article states.

How will Sanders pay for it? “Tax the rich,” the campaign says.

Of course, the rich will take their money and leave the country.

The article then explains how the cost of childcare is such a problem and Bernie has the solution.


ABC News pushes the hard-left candidate:

“There’s ample evidence in entrance polls that Sanders is more in line with the party’s mainstream than many Democrats would want to admit. As in Iowa and New Hampshire, “Medicare for All” is proving enormously popular among Democratic voters, and Sanders’ Nevada victory cut across income and education levels and was he was particularly dominant among younger and Latino voters.”

“There is interest and then some in the party and among the candidates in keeping Sanders from becoming the nominee. There is also no shortage of potentially damaging information available to harm his standing.”

“But having lots of potential rivals could weaken them all — and actually strengthen the man who has gotten the most votes, and who now has the most delegates.”


Washington Post wrote about how the moderates [as if there were any] can attack Bernie without turning off the liberal base [they’re not liberal, they’re hard-left]. The author writes: “One thing is for sure: The moderate lane of this race has a lot more to figure out than the liberal lane. That one seems settled — in a big way.”

A Washington Post columnist wrote that he wants journalists to push harder on Trump. It’s a call for even more leftist activism. They prefer communist Bernie to the President. The great economy and job numbers mean nothing to these people.


NBC News is concerned that Republicans and President Trump might hammer Bernie Sander’s “long-buried words [and praise] in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR.”

NBC News isn’t concerned that the leading Democrat candidate has spent his entire career of forty years praising and supporting the worst Communist regimes on earth. They don’t seem to care that Bernie Sanders has attacked other revered Democrats like JFK for speaking against these hardcore communists.

What they are concerned about is that Republicans might use the facts against Sanders, who is a communist despite his claims of being socialist lite.


The Guardian says it’s time for Democrats to get behind Bernie.

TheY write: “Importantly, Sanders’ Nevada victory definitively disproved one of the most enduring myths about his campaign: that it could attract left-leaning [hard-left] young white people, but was incapable of drawing in a diverse coalition. In fact, voters of color were a primary source of Sanders’ strength in Nevada; he received the majority of Latino votes. Entrance polls showed Sanders winning “men and women, whites and Latinos, voters 17-29, 30-44 and 45-65, those with college degrees and those without, liberal Democrats (by a lot) and moderate/conservatives (narrowly), union and non-union households.” The poisonous concept of the white “Bernie Bro” as the “typical” Sanders supporter should be dead.”


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