NY Times Poll: Only 1% of Voters 18-29 Years of Age Approve of Biden


The poll numbers spell doom for Joe Biden who is going down and taking a lot of his fellow Democrats with him. He bought into the Marxist agenda completely, as did his party, and it is a disaster. He’s even losing the young – only 1% approve of him.

Biden and the sinking ship, USS USA when you have 1% of the new voters.

He’s losing the youth and Hispanics in large numbers. Even black people are starting to disapprove by a plurality. Among youth, only 1% strongly approve of him. Another 18% somewhat approve.

The only group Democrats still hold are wealthy white suburbanites. Yay! Good work. The party of wealthy white suburbanites. They need to advertise that.

Sort-of-President Biden is now facing deep concerns from inside his own party. About 64 percent of Democratic voters said they would prefer a new candidate in 2024, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll. Who are the other 36% who aren’t saying they want a new candidate?

Voters nationwide have soured on his leadership, giving him a teeny 33 percent job-approval rating overall. The breakdown of who supports him is even worse. Losing the young with that 1% number and nearly half of Hispanics is gruesome news for Democrats.

“Widespread concerns about the economy and inflation have helped turn the national mood decidedly dark, both on Mr. Biden and the trajectory of the nation. More than three-quarters of registered voters see the United States moving in the wrong direction, a pervasive sense of pessimism that spans every corner of the country, every age range and racial group, cities, suburbs, and rural areas, as well as both political parties,” New York Times reports.

The Times is very dishonest in that they have known all along that he’s senile and wasn’t running the country anywhere except into the ground. They are reporting now because they have little choice.

Republican pollster Logan Dobson says he believes “this is Joe Biden’s first dip to over -20 on net job approval brutal! and getting worse!”

New York Times polling data reveals Biden lost the 81 million voters he allegedly had. He does have that 1% of new voters so all is not lost.

Polling data:


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