NY Times says rioters burning bibles is really Russian disinformation


The New York Times fact-checked a video this week that appeared to show protesters in Portland burning “a stack of Bibles, and then topped off the fire with American flags. They called it the perfect talking point for Trump lovers who enjoy seeing libs and Democrats as godless sinners.

We didn’t need that to prove it. Their penchant for vandalism and violence, flashing lasers in officers’ eyes, and constant hate-mongering was quite enough.

They called the video a win for Russian disinformation because it was false.

The reason it was false according to the NY Times is very humorous really.


The reason: only one or two Bibles were burned as kindling to start a bigger fire, rather than a stack. [that’s the fire to burn the US flag. While the crowd did cheer when the American flag was burned, the Times admits, they also pointed out that in such a large crowd, most didn’t even see it on fire.

The Times claims that it “had originated with a Kremlin-backed video news agency. And now, days later, the Portland Bible burnings appear to be one of the first viral Russian disinformation hits of the 2020 presidential campaign.”


They’re saying that because Russia Today put up a photo. It’s not disinformation if it’s real, is it?

The lunatic Times authors write: “With Election Day drawing closer, the Russian efforts to influence the vote appear to be well underway. American intelligence officials said last week that Russia was using a range of techniques to denigrate Democrats and their presumptive presidential nominee, Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

Actually, what the intel agencies said was the Russians “primarily denigrated Biden because of the Derkach” situation.

The NYT left out the part where China and Iran are trying to denigrate President Trump — so he doesn’t win re-election.

How stupid or insane are these people? Do they count on all of the rest of us being as dumb and crazy as they are?

Hey, NYT, it’s only one Ronald McDonald House:

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