NYC arresting all protesters, armies of ‘social distance ambassadors’ hired


After releasing thousands of prisoners from New York City jails, Mayor de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, a communist, is arresting people who congregate and protest. He is depriving Americans of their right to protest — by edict.

There was a protest held outside of City Hall that resulted in nine people being arrested, the New York Post reported.

The protesters were pushing for New York to reopen and were arrested Saturday for not obeying social distancing guidelines. They were given summonses before they could be released.

Michael Gee took the video below, saying he was one of those arrested, along with a mom.

You can hear orders being shouted over a microphone in the background.

“This reminds me of Nazi Germany,” Gee said. “This reminds me exactly of what my grandma died in Nazi Germany. This is it. Look at it America, freedom’s all an illusion ladies and gentlemen.”

A woman identified as the mother of the woman being arrested appears on the video to say she is “proud” of her daughter. She left communism and doesn’t want it here. You can hear her speak at the end of the first clip.




Mayor Bill de Blasio has fielded a vast team of non-police workers to persuade people to comply with social distancing policy. This is tyranny and it’s producing an atmosphere of distrust and fear.

The number of “social distancing ambassadors” deployed was at 1,000, but will grow by next weekend to around 2,300 to meet racial disparity complaints, the Associated Press reported.

“More and more, the emphasis will be on a communicative, encouraging approach,” de Blasio said, adding that enforcement through ticketing “will still be there when needed.”

Of the known summonses 52% were given to Blacks and 30% to Hispanics, according to NYPD data. Maybe that’s why they get the virus more than Whites>

In any case, who the hell does de Blasio think he is and why is he wasting our tax dollars on this?

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