CNN host rages against coverage of the framing of General Flynn during a pandemic


“The cable outlet that peddled abject Russia collusion nonsense day in and day out for three years is upset that people are covering it [the Flynn story] now that that the truth is coming out.”

~Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist writes about Brian Stelter’s latest rage against General Flynn news.

CNN host Brian Stelter unabashedly used a pandemic to spread his deceitful take on the Flynn story during a CNN rant.

“It’s so disappointing to look at what we’re seeing from right-wing media these days,” Stelter said Sunday. “Where there is such an obsession with the deep state and these revelations about the Russia probe … ”

“They’re treating the Michael Flynn story like it’s a bigger deal than the deaths of 2,000 Americans a day,” he added.

Stelter was also disappointed the Fox News spent 20 minutes on it.

CNN’s Brian Stelter wants to keep the pandemic hysteria going and he wants to minimize the Michael Flynn scandal.

Former NSA and retired three-star general Michael Flynn was framed — by the Obama administration — because they wanted him out of the way to unseat the Republican president. According to Stelter, this isn’t worthy of discussion.

“In what right mind is any scandal, any political scandal, any Department of Justice story more important to ask the president about than the pandemic that’s raging?” Stelter rages on CNN, your channel for the fakest of fake news.

The CNN host says coverage of it makes you obsessed.

CNN spent three years on a fake news story about Russia and Ukraine, but they do not want the story about the framing of a general discussed.

Stelter is also the man who told Michael Avenatti he could see him as President of the United States.


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