NYC chooses a winner after a botched primary


After an embarrassing botched race in New York City, using ranked-choice votes, it appears Eric Adams won with a small lead. He will be the mayor no doubt since, in a one-party socialist city, the Democrat primary chooses the winner.

“Eric Adams was pronounced the winner of New York City’s Democratic mayoral primary Tuesday, holding off a crowded field of challengers with a campaign focused on reducing crime and restoring the quality of life in a city that was pummeled by the coronavirus pandemic,” Bloomberg reported.

“The Associated Press called the race for Adams, who won 50.5% of the vote, edging out former sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia, who received 49.5% after eight rounds of voting. It was a difference of 8,426 votes,” the report continued.

Adams is far left, but this is a one party-city and state in New York and will continue to go downhill with few choices. All the choices are far-left, but Adams is different in one respect, he believes in enforcing the law. Unfortunately, he said he won’t be Rudy Giuliani, he’ll be David Dinkins, [an incompetent mayor]. However, that is better than we have now and we hope for the best.

“The election of Adams, 60, the Brooklyn borough president, puts the world’s most important finance capital under the governance of a former New York City Police Department captain who appealed to working-class voters with promises of tax increases on the rich,” the report added.

There are calls for an audit, but how could this be. Didn’t we hear democrats say audits and questioning elections are a threat to democracy?

“The top three Democratic mayoral contenders are demanding a manual recount of the June 22 primary election if the final vote count has narrow enough margins — a process that would be a first for the city in modern history,” the New York Post reported.

“It is without precedent in a New York City mayoral race or any citywide office,” said election lawyer Stanley Schlein, who represents Kathryn Garcia in her lawsuit against the Board of Elections.

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