NYC Clown World: Solution for Dangerous People Pushing Riders Onto Subway Tracks


In New York City, crazy, violent, drug-addicted homeless people are pushing people onto tracks or into moving trains. The politicians in charge aren’t going to do anything about these dangerous people threatening the lives of New Yorkers, but they have a solution.

They will structure platforms at great cost so people don’t fall onto tracks.

The problem is that these dangerous people want to kill people. They also have knives and stab people too. If they can’t push, they’ll stab them.

New York City is all our future. It’s what Democrats want for all of you who are not suffering because you are in a Red State. They will soon have a permanent electoral majority, and they have something up their sleeve for 2024. They’re not going to run Biden. Someone is waiting in the wings.

$100 Million for 3 Stations!!!

he MTA is nearing construction on its $100 million pilot project to outfit three subway stations with platform gates to prevent passengers from falling — or being pushed on the tracks.

Last week, Kamal Semrade, 39, was arrested for allegedly hurling 35-year-old straphanger Emine Ozsoy onto the tracks at the Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street station, leaving her paralyzed, on May 21.

Michelle Go was pushed onto the tracks by one of these dangerous criminals and died.

Many others were pushed but survived.

NY Post:

Danny Pearlstein, policy and communications director for Riders Alliance, said the protective barriers could have prevented deaths, but it’s far from a fix-all.

“While platform screen doors might have prevented [Go’s] killing in the way that it happened, It happened on the same subway platform where there were police officers,” Pearlstein said.

“There are only certain types of things that platform screens can solve,” He added. “They are no panacea. They are no blanket solution to the intersecting crisis on the subway.”

Exactly. It is far, far from a fix-all. Criminals should be in prison when they commit crimes. If they’re mentally ill, we should build facilities for the criminally insane.

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