NYC Councilwoman: Tulsa Shooting’s Clearly White Supremacy


A shooting in a Tulsa, Oklahoma that left four people and the killer dead has left the front pages very quickly. Perhaps it doesn’t fit the acceptable narrative. A black patient, unhappy with his back surgery, killed a black doctor. Yet, an irresponsible black councilwoman in New York City called it a case of white supremacy.

The killer left a note behind that he was going to kill his doctor and anyone who gets in his way. That is exactly what he did. He killed his surgeon, another doctor, a receptionist, and a patient.

Police identified the gunman as Michael Louis, a black man, who had gone into the hospital on May 19 for back surgery. The surgeon was Dr. Preston Phillips, also a black man. The other victims are Dr. Stephanie Husen, Amanda Green, a receptionist at the clinic, and William Love, a patient.

The police chief said nothing tied the motive to race.

The assault took place in the Natalie Medical Building at St. Francis Hospital.


A New York City Councilwoman assumed that “white supremacy” was to blame for the mass shooting that took place at the hospital on Wednesday. Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn, who represents neighborhoods in Brooklyn, linked the shooting to “white supremacy,” despite the shooter being black.

“We can’t even process one mass shooting before the next occurs. Today’s atrocity in Tulsa happened on the 101st anniversary of the Tulsa Black Wall Street massacre. White Supremacy is clearly a factor,” Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn wrote in response to the White House’s tweet saying they were monitoring the matter.

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