NYC DA has Trump’s tax returns, prepare for a new hoax


The Hill reports that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has obtained former President Trump’s tax returns. This is as a result of a Supreme Court decision.

CNN, which first reported on the new development, reported that prosecutors have obtained millions of pages of documents, including tax returns from January 2011 to August 2019, financial statements, and documents concerning the preparation and review of the tax returns.

The district attorney’s office obtained the documents from Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, which it had subpoenaed in 2019 as part of a grand jury investigation.

They are supposed to be kept secret, according to grand jury rules, but that won’t happen.

Stories will be cherry-picked and selectively leaked. The DA, Cyrus ‘Levrentriy Beria’ Vance will continue to look for a crime.

The NY Times and WaPo will be fed more hoax stories and it is impeachment 3.0 as DJT prepares to announce he is the presumptive nominee when he speaks at CPAC on Sunday.

DJT doesn’t seem worried, but knowing how these people operate, we are.

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