NYC De Blasio voters could decide LI congressional races


Long Island, especially Suffolk County, is one of the last conservative strongholds left in downstate New York. When COVID hit, many moved to Suffolk to their summer homes. Since they have lived there for six months, they can vote in the Suffolk elections.

These voters are the people who voted for communist mayor Bill de Blasio twice. He has helped ruin NYC with Andrew Cuomo, but that doesn’t deter the voters who only vote for Ds. In essence, they will bring communism to Suffolk County if they can.

Polls show Republican incumbent Rep. Lee Zeldin, 40, neck and neck with rookie Democratic candidate Nancy Goroff, 52, in New York’s 1st district, covering much of Suffolk County.

“I changed my registration to East Hampton because I feel my vote counts for a lot more here,” said a Manhattan lawyer and registered Republican who did not want to be identified. He said he decamped to his East Hampton home during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic and decided to make it his primary residence.

“As long as they have bonafide residences in Suffolk County, they can change their registration,” said veteran election lawyer Jerry Goldfeder. “There are hotly contested local races in the Hamptons where their vote can make a difference.”

In East Hampton Town, 876 New York City residents with a second home there changed their registration to the Hamptons, according to the Suffolk County Board of Elections. The overwhelming majority of the city slickers — 672 — are registered Dems, 77 are Republicans, and 110 did not register an affiliation.

In Southampton Town, there are 910 newly registered Democrats, 401 Republicans, and 669 unaffiliated, according to county election officials. It is not known how many of those are former New York City residents.

There are no similar races in Manhattan, so they have no incentive to vote there.


They could turn Suffolk deep blue with a far-left congressional candidate Nancy Goroff, a former science teacher at Stony Brook U. The extremely wealthy and cagey Goroff is claiming she’s going to listen to the science and wants to defund the police. That’s a real winner with leftists in Suffolk and criminals.

Democrats who move bring their horrible policy ideas with them and are incapable of learning from past mistakes. They live on ideology alone and believe the corrupt media.

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