NYC Health Commissioner Warns 50% of Illegal Crossers Are Unvaxxed for Polio


This next story from Miranda Devine is not a surprise. People with all kinds of diseases are showing up in clinics and hospitals on Long Island. The NYC Health Commissioner warns that half of the 50,000 illegal crossers who arrived in the city are unvaccinated for polio, and doctors are told to check for infectious TB and chickenpox.

Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan sent the warning to doctors in a letter:

“More than 50,000 people have come to New York City (NYC) in the past year shortly after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. As more people arrive and many make NYC their home, the scale and scope of need continues to grow,” Vasan said in an eight-page letter, dated April 11, sent to physicians and other health care providers. A copy was obtained by The Post.

“I am writing now to underscore how critical it is that health care providers take a wide range of considerations into account when working with people who are seeking asylum … The scope of this letter represents the scale of the need. It is incumbent upon us as a welcoming city to comprehensively evaluate and meet these needs.”

Vasan said screening and vaccinating migrants for diseases and viruses that’ve been kept in check in the city is a top priority.

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