Trudeau Angrily Responds to His CBC Network’s Twitter Label – 69% Government-Funded


Justin Trudeau is very angry about Twitter’s new label for CBC, the pro-Trudeau network. The label on Twitter was “government-funded media.” CBC, the Canadian Broadcast Corp, then informed Mr. Musk that they are less than 70% government-funded. So, Elon corrected the label to “69% Government-Funded Media.”

Mr. Musk, who bought Twitter to protect free speech, is at war with government-funded propaganda networks, including NPR, PBS, and formerly the BBC. All the BBC News channels are now listed as “publicly funded.”

CBC has 716,000 followers, while NPR, which froze its Twitter account, had 8.8 million, PBS had 2.2 million when they froze their account.

The CBC was brutal to the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy, and it’s now impossible to protest safely in Canada. The so-called CBC media helped that happen.

As expected, Totalitarian Trudeau is very unhappy about it. It isn’t an attack to call CBC what it is.

Here he is admitting he pays them:

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