NYC Health Dept Advice: Safe Heroin Use Is “Empowering”


The far-left Mayor Eric Adams of New York City and his insane health department say it’s fine to have a heroin addiction – “don’t be ashamed”. Just “use safely” [as if that is possible]. “It’s empowering” according to the latest health department messaging on NYC subways. It is signed by Mayor Adams who can’t understand why crime is out of control in NYC.

Democrats stand for drug abuse as we lose more than 100,000 Americans to it in a year and while it’s freely brought over the open US border.

How many children see this NYC message in a day?

Under Democrats, we have gone from the just say ‘no’ slogan to safe drug abuse use is empowering.

Orwell would be shocked that he didn’t go far enough.

There’s a nice little ‘drugs are bad’ story on this link.


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