NYC Health Dept. Recommends Everyone Carry Narcan


A New York City health department official recommends that everyone in the city carry Narcan. Given the seriousness of the drug problem in the city, it’s not a bad idea. It’s something we never needed to do before we defunded the police. Criminals get to go free for the most serious crimes thanks to the bail reform law that Governor Hochul won’t change.

Narcan doesn’t work well on fentanyl, but it’s all we have to revive someone who overdosed.

The recommendation is in response to the 1-year-old boy killed by fentanyl at a Bronx daycare and a report showing a 12% jump in overdose deaths last year – reports the New York Post.

“Narcan is critical — but to assume we should all have it is somewhat of a wave of the white flag,” said City Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island).

Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan said after the tragic tot’s drug death at a press conference, “You should be carrying Narcan right now.

“Narcan has to be everywhere,” Vasan said. “We have defibrillators behind every bar, in every business, in every public event. Increasingly, we have epinephrine pens and EpiPens in public settings.

“See someone, walking past them, who looks like they might not be conscious, who might not be breathing, who might look more sleepy or tired than usual, think overdose, think opioid intoxication and think fentanyl,” the commissioner said, describing how prevalent the synthetic opioid is in the drug supply.

The sad thing is that it’s now necessary, and they’re not putting the funds back into law enforcement. Our Soros DA won’t enforce the law in too many cases. Instead, the officials make it hard for the police to do their job; they don’t have their backs, and they let in anonymous unvetted people from foreign lands from all over the world. That includes the very needy, drug-addicted people, cartels, terrorists, and deadbeats. Not everyone is coming for the right reasons.

We even kick 95-year-old veterans out of their homes to shelter the people of foreign lands.

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