NYC Kids Skip School to Fight Pollution-Add To it by Causing Traffic Gridlock


Recent state test results showed 47.4% of New York City students were proficient in reading, while 45.6% were proficient in math.  Which is to say, that in spite of spending an average of $17,500 per pupil, well over 50% of children failed to meet the lowest basic standard for achievement in both those critical areas. 

Nonetheless, a whole lot of New York City parents, teachers and administrators happily encouraged kids to skip a day of school to join the “Global Climate Strike”.  They desperately wanted a big-time publicized event, highlighting a need to reduce the fossil fuel pollution, they’re convinced is “killing our planet”.   

What these “Climate Change Children Crusaders” and their adult manipulators failed to reckon with is these marches and demonstrations were in a section of The Big Apple that is really very small. 

Lower Manhattan narrows dramatically from either mid-town or up-town.  So when these geniuses planned their day off from school, they wound up closing down about half a dozen streets, including a substantial section of Broadway, in an area that could least afford the road closures.  

The result was exactly what almost any reasonable person would expect.  There was traffic gridlock, which in turn caused trapped busses, cars, and trucks to pump God knows how much of their fossil fuel-generated exhaust, into the air of New York City. 

Apparently, the students even lack proficiency, doing something genuinely tangible, in support of their own “heartfelt” beliefs.  Really, really sad.  

The Mess:

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