NYC Mayor Adams Wants Illegal Crossers in Private Homes


Mayor Adams’s vision is to move unvetted people coming illegally into people’s private residences. We can only hope that he’s including Gracie Mansion in that. Also, it’s extremely difficult to evict people from homes in NYC. Anyone who does fall for this scheme may never get the person out.

They’ll give you $100 a day, but it could become a disaster. Most of the people coming in are wrecking the hotels they are in.

For now, he is going to put them in churches. Down the road, Adams wants to pay homeowners and landlords to house them.

I have a better idea. Get them a one-way ticket home. Why should taxpayers pay for the world to come into the United States? Who allowed them to do this?

During a press conference on Monday, Adams announced the creation of a two-year partnership with New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) that allows up to 50 houses of worship or faith-based spaces to offer overnight shelter for up to 19 single adult men at each location.

He’s opening daytime centers to them also.

“No matter what faith you practice, caring for those in need is part of every spiritual tradition,” Adams said. “As we continue to tackle this humanitarian crisis, I’m proud that through this new partnership…, New York City’s faith community will be able to provide shelter to asylum seekers in need at houses of worship throughout the five boroughs.”

Eventually, he wants them in private homes.

“It is my vision to take the next step to this faith-based locales and then move to a private residence,” he said. “We can take that $4.2 billion, or $4.3 billion maybe now, that we potentially have to spend, and we can put it back in the pockets of everyday New Yorkers, everyday houses of worship instead of putting it in the pockets of corporations, and some of those corporations come from outside of our city.

“We should be recycling our own dollars,” Adams added. “We should take this crisis and go to opportunities. That is how we can deal with this.”

Over the past year, more than 72,000 illegal migrants have poured into the Big Apple, and over 45,000 of them live in shelters and hotels paid for with tax dollars.

Do you realize that we are getting 250,000 to 300,000 monthly crossing our borders? They are literally changing our country, and we won’t like what it becomes.

These people could be dangerous. We have no idea who they are. Bidenistas have destroyed every immigration law, and Americans remain apathetic.

Adams keeps calling them asylum seekers. Very few people are asylum seekers. The Left is calling every illegal alien an asylum seeker.

The New York Post reported that the city’s Office of Management and Budget pays about $380 a night for a household to eat, sleep and get services at hotels turned into shelters. Under Adam’s new plan, houses of worship would be significantly cheaper at about $125 per night.

They don’t appreciate it, and we’re insane for doing it.

We’re getting criminals and terrorists (I know, put them up in your house). We’re becoming a Third World nation, importing criminals.

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