Warfare Defense Expert: Chinese Military Intelligence Pouring in Illegally


Dr. Lawrence Sellin describes himself on his Twitter profile as a “Biological & Chemical Warfare Defense Expert, IT & pharmaceutical industries, medical research, Colonel U.S. Army Reserve retired, Iraq & Afghanistan veteran.”

He has sent out the alarm as to the number of Chinese Communist Party members pouring into our country illegally. He said they are financed by Chinese people already living in the country.

“No question that Chinese military/intelligence personnel are crossing into the U.S. with the Chinese illegal alien invaders, whose numbers are increasing. The U.S. government is helping China do it. Inside the U.S., invaders get support from the CCP Fifth Column already in place,” Sellin tweeted.


There are other reports of Chinese military-age men flooding into the country. Why wouldn’t they?

We have non-stop illegal immigration of Chinese men of fighting age. Go to this clip and watch the lines of Chinese illegal aliens heading for the US. Also, look at this link. Buses leave the Darien Gap all day and night to head for the United States. They are all unvetted, and many are Chinese people. This goes on day and night.

Muckraker.com allowed me to post these clips:

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