NYC Mayor Is in Mexico to Figure Out Why Migrants Are Coming


Eric Adams says he’s now flying to Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia on a fact-finding mission to understand better and tackle the migrant crisis. There’s not much to understand. The Biden regime invited them in. He told every alien to come in illegally and offered them our benefits.

Adams probably just wants a vacation. A few days on a Mexican or Central American beach sounds good.

He’s going to tell the illegal crossers that it’s not that good in New York, and they shouldn’t come. That’s what he says.


We have a Senate Minority Leader who thinks the most important thing for Americans is helping Ukraine. The now-former Speaker McCarthy made a big splash by going to the border when he was running for the speakership, and then nothing happened.

The Republicans have begun to notice the invasion at the border. They even discussed it during the GOP debate, but only in relation to fentanyl. Fentanyl is bad, but the people coming in are coming with their culture, and it will become ours. With every million people who come in, we’re closer to becoming a failed Third World country like most countries in Central and South America.

During the second GOP debate, the angry Columbian girl, Ilia Calderon, who represented Univision, phrased her questions around the idea that we owed the world open borders. At one point, she asked, Would you negotiate with Congress to give a solution to the problem that Dreamers have right now? They are in limbo.

There is no limbo, and there is no solution except for them to go to their native country. DACA is illegal. It was found illegal twice. The revised version was found to be as illegal as the original version in September. The open borders crowd won’t accept it and now look to Congress to legalize them.

The Left will never accept a legal decision.

That’s one of the reasons for illegal immigration. When all these millions are settled, they will demand amnesty.

The GOP is ignoring all the people coming in, and the crimes they commit when they get here, but they noticed fentanyl. I guess that’s safe to discuss now without being called racist or nativist.

Ilia Calderon zeroed in on slavery but ignored the fact that most slaves went to Latin America, especially to her homeland, Columbia.

Well over 90 percent of enslaved Africans were sent to the Caribbean and South America. Only about 6 percent of African captives were sent directly to British North America. Most of the slaves went to Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, and Brazil.

The debaters were more defensive and not well-armed with facts.

The GOP candidates need to get more serious about this issue. I don’t understand why they aren’t impeaching Joe Biden for breaking all of our immigration laws.

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