NYC Non-White Supremacist Crime Wave Continues


The Soros District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his enabler Mayor Eric Adams will not enforce the law in New York City. Also, the police were defunded by $1 billion. As a result, the crime wave continues.

In New York City, the crime wave includes auto theft up by 46.2%, grand larceny by 49%, robbery by 39.2%, burglary by 32.9%, felony assault by 18.6%, and rape by 11%.

Women who come out of upscale shops in ritzy areas of the city get escorts to their ubers. The stores provide the security. It’s that dangerous.

Most of the crimes are committed by minorities. We wouldn’t mention it, but the Mayor frequently suggests white supremacists are responsible. The only white supremacists in New York City are Antifa and Black Lives Matter members.


Two black male subjects rammed a pedestrian at high speed, and one jumped out of the car to rob him.

The 31-year-old father was sitting in his car on the set of the NBC show ‘Law & Order, Organized Crime’ when he was shot in the face and neck multiple times. He never had a chance.

Racist attack.

Right in the middle of a sermon.


The lie told is that white cops are killing black people, so they were defunded. However, it’s not the police who are causing the problems.

Researcher Heather MacDonald told Bill O’Reilly in May, “The reason blacks die of homicide at such high rates is not the cops, it’s not whites, it’s not white supremacy. It’s that they’re being killed by black criminals. And the nation turns its eyes away from that reality and is engaged in this racial hysteria, blaming white people for every problem affecting blacks today. And that’s not justified.”

“In New York City, blacks commit about 75% of all drive-by shootings, though they’re 23% of the population. Add Hispanic shootings to black shootings, and you get about 100% of all shootings. That’s true in every city today,” MacDonald said.

They’re killing black people for the most part. Why don’t those black lives matter?

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1 year ago

What the Democrat Hierarchy really wants is Black extermination. They are doing everything to bring on a Race War which Blacks would never win. The Racist Democrat Hierarchy thinks they can create their nirvana if Conservative Whites went to war with Black and Brown People. The problem for the Racist Democrat Hierarchy is that Conservative Whites and the Black and Brown Communities have something Powerful in Common – Religion! We believe in God and the Godless Communist Globalist Democrat Liberal Losers don’t.

It has been the Federal Government who has continually created problems in the Black Community with Policies that Destroy the Black Family by marginalizing Black Men. Add to that schools that create Social Justice Warriors instead of Technicians and Engineers. When you strip any group of an Education and Family, you will get Criminals. Crime becomes a means of survival. Get the Federal Government out of the Black Community and get the Church back in there in the Government’s place and we will see the Black Community start to heal.

White People aren’t killing Black People. White People are just trying to stay of of the cross fire. White people can’t fix the Black Community. only Black people can!

1 year ago

It is hard to feel very sorry for New Yorkers. You are the ones who vote these imbeciles into office over and over again. Are you expecting a different outcome?