700 Venezuelans Arrested in Chicago This Year


This year, 700 Venezuelans were arrested in Chicago. Last year, six were arrested. They’re not sending their best, but we knew that. We’ve been warned. Despite warnings, the administration will not close the border.

Despite knowing Maduro is behind many of the single adult men coming into the country, the administration continues to encourage them to come.

A leaked Department of Homeland Security (DHS) intelligence report warns that Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro empties prisons and sends criminals and terrorists to the border.

Border Patrol agents were warned to be on the lookout for violent criminals illegally entering the country. Several informants confirmed that many Venezuelan migrants crossing the southern border are convicts. They include those convicted of rape, murder, and extortion.

In general, there has been a huge increase in single young males coming into the country from Venezuela.

Maduro caricature
In 2018, the Honduran President warned us that Venezuelan President Maduro was funding caravans of illegal aliens.
Mr. Pence, standing with Mr. Trump in the Oval Office, reported he’d spoken earlier in the day with the Honduran president, who told him the caravan was organized by “leftist groups” and funded by Venezuela, a country deeply at odds with the administration.

“At the president’s direction, I spoke to President Hernandez of Honduras,” said Pence, “he told me that the caravan that’s now making its way through Mexico headed for the southern border was organized by leftist organizations and financed by Venezuela.”

Venezuela’s dictator is only one of our many enemies sending single adult men, among 5.18 million single adult men.


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John Acord
John Acord
2 months ago

The total cost of the illegal immigrant tsunami invasion is ALWAYS misunderstood and vastly underestimated. The cost is ongoing and it has taken an immense toll on our economy. There are an estimated 40 millions of illegal immigrants and their children in this country today. Each one of them has a direct and indirect cost that total about $100,000 each per year including an estimated $35,000 per child for educational expenses and the huge cost of lower wages for native,  legal American citizens. Its estimated that without these illegals the average wage would be 12% higher and that loss is an indirect, but measurable  consequence of illegal immigration. Add it up.  iThe cost is 4 TRILLION a year to the American economy. It is a cost that would not only wipe out the deficit but increase tax collections by an estimated $500B per year. Our entire infrastructure, physical and social, is deteriorating, collapsing because of this influx of basically useless, uninvited parasitic  mouths that eat at our table.

John Acord
John Acord
2 months ago

The reason your High school canceled the music program and scaled back lots of other school activities is because the school district has had to divert money for those things to taking care of the illegal immigrants’ children.Mass immigration is affecting people in many ways and they don’t even know it.The VA is treating illegals in deference to vets – vets have to wait months to be seen whereas illegals get seen almost immediately. My brother-in-law, a vet with silver stars– applied for re-authorization just to see my primary care doctor and five months later still hadn’t received it until I wound up calling the VA Crisis Help Line – finally got it over the phone. Three fax requests and phone calls by my doc and still hadn’t achieved squat until months later, meanwhile the VA is treating illegals by them just walking in.

Last edited 2 months ago by John Acord