NYC perv exposing himself to kids can’t be kept in prison in NYC


A serial pervert has been terrorizing a Brooklyn neighborhood by repeatedly exposing himself to kids. He never stays in jail thanks to New York’s lax bail reform laws, The NY Post has learned.

Harry Zucker, a scraggly, white-haired 77-year-old with an apparent penchant for fondling himself in public in front of children, has exposed himself five times since April 27, according to court records.

But the creep keeps getting sprung because judges are largely barred from imposing bail on the misdemeanor charges, the filings show.

“Why is this guy still around? Get him in the system, get the trial, get it done,” Jacob, a concerned dad who works with the Midwood Block Association and didn’t want to share his last name, fumed to The Post on Wednesday.  “They’re not taking it seriously. I have a daughter, she’s 9. I have a son, he’s 13.”

Even though Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio are responsible for the disastrous lack of law enforcement in New York City, don’t kid yourself, the far-left judges love it.

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Francis Nadspal
Francis Nadspal
2 years ago

Why arrest this guy, all they have to do is hold him for psychiatric examination and he’s gone for 3 months.

Oracle Watchman
Oracle Watchman
2 years ago

WTH is wrong with the fathers, uncles, and older brothers in NYC. I can promise you he would not do that and get away with it here in the Missouri Ozarks. NYC, a city of perverts and those who allow and support them. God’s wrath is coming on you all.