WOKEs plan to destroy the military justice system soon


The hard-left WOKEs now in control of the military will soon revamp the unfair, racist military justice system. Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen H. Hicks, who is every WOKE, wrote about it at The Hill.

She said studies show people of color are more likely to be tried in a court-martial proceeding. She doesn’t mention if they deserved it or deserved it more than whites.

“Leveraging evidence-based best practices, we will drive meaningful and lasting progress,” she says.

They won’t wait for a final report but will go with interim studies:

As we generate interim findings, we won’t wait to take action. A dedicated team of experts will conduct an internal analysis by the end of 2021. For each area identified, the team will work with the services to develop targeted corrective action plans for specific issues. The internal working group will provide actionable recommendations to the department’s senior-most leadership — both civilian and uniformed — ensuring the people most impacted have a voice in this initiative, not only now but in the future…

…To hold ourselves accountable, and consistent with congressional intent, we have also launched an independent assessment of the root causes of racial disparities in the military justice system. As that assessment completes in mid-2022, we will ensure the findings and any recommendations are incorporated into our action plans.

She basically gives no clues as to what they plan to do, but given their track record, it will be a disaster.

Will the end-result make the military look like New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, LA?

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Talk about “Ignorance IS bliss.”!!!